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Just as a pearl begins with a gritty irritant, so, too, a Mystic Punk character starts with a Loathsome High School Stereotype. Download this file and grab your d% dice to find out who your character was before they went Mystic Punk.

112 Loathsome High School Stereotypes is a character creation supplement for Anthony Meloro's Mystic Punks tabletop RPG, an Urban Fantasy OSR game that pits young social misfits against nefarious supernatural forces. These stereotypes offer players an inkling of who their characters were before they started battling outré enemies. They can also can serve as an aide to Dark Guides who want to roll up a few NPCs on the fly.

This supplement takes its inspiration from Chris McDowall’s Electric Bastionland  tabletop RPG and hacks Electric Bastionland's failed careers into types that port into most Urban Fantasy genre games. It's also an entry in McDowall's Electric Bastion Jam, which has generated a wealth of wonderful material for both Electric Bastionland and Into The O.D.D. 

For more information about Mystic Punks:
go to https://www.mysticpunks.com/

For more information about Electric Bastionland:
go to https://www.bastionland.com/


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This had far more page views and downloads than I'd expected, so I'll work to expand the stereotypes into full-blown pages per Electric Bastionland's failed careers. Expanding the stereotypes will take some time, but I'm honestly surprised anyone's interested? This was mostly a lark. You've my humble thanks.